Your Digital Identity

Now In Your Hands

You manage it, not the other way around


Dip will let you know immediately about any suspicious behavior.

That's dip, so easy!

we respect your privacy that's why we don't hold or save your data


DIP is single in its class

Mobile application that provides a wide range of opportunities to supervise your digital footprint: services’ accounts, social media profiles, fake accounts opened on your identity and pics, hacked accounts leaked into the dark web, forgotten publications in social media and web

DIP is the easiest way to manage your Digital Identity

  • All you accounts: active or forgotten, real or fake

  • All your pics on the web and in social media

  • All your public files

  • If any of your accounts were hacked

  • If your emails or passwords are on the dark web

  • If somebody created uses your identity or your face

  • If your files are publicly shared

  • Manage and protect your accounts

  • Manage and protect your digital reputation

  • Ensure personal brand security

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We use Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Algorithms to browse social media, global web and dark web
to find all the information about you and present it to YOU on YOUR device and only for YOUR eyes.